5 Important Strategies for Lasting New Year’s Confidence: Fifth Strategy


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New Year’s resolutions are famously short lived, lasting only a few days or a few weeks. Rather than totally give up on resolutions, use smart strategies to build your confidence. The beginning of a new year just feels like the right time to make changes and start going in the right direction.

This is the final strategy in this series for cultivating self-confidence with your New Year’s resolutions

5. Hurrah! I did it! Give yourself the pat on the back that you deserve every time you keep your resolution, keep going in the right direction for 2012 and maintain your changes. Acknowledge the importance of your actions, even if it is only a small action each day. Small is good every day, so you can build on your successes.

Feel the satisfaction of your achievements in keeping your resolutions. Feel just a little bit slimmer. Feel just a little bit stronger from your exercise. Feel just a little bit more generous when you compliment a friend.

Don’t belittle your early efforts at making a change and think that it is not good enough or not significant enough. If you put down your first efforts, you will quickly give up. Reward every little bit and the “little bits” will quickly accumulate to something you are truly proud of.

The appreciation you give yourself provides an enormous boost to your confidence.

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