Coaching teaches you tools and develops your ability to function at a higher level with less “drag” from stress, anxiety, and depression.

You take these tools with you after our coaching relationship is completed, so you are able to “coach” yourself. I use EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique extensively in coaching and teach you how to use it for self-care.

Psychotherapy focuses on the resolving intrapersonal and interpersonal conflicts from the past that disrupt your functioning in the present. EMDR is very useful in clearing these issues. Self-defeating beliefs often result from these past, unresolved conflicts, but can be addressed with coaching and EFT.

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Here are some examples of coaching, counseling and psychotherapy from my years of working with people.

(All names and some circumstances have been changed to protect client’s privacy.)

Vicki’s Success

Vicki grew up poor in the projects. Through sheer will power and hard work, she kept going to school and educating herself, so she had achieved a modest degree of success. However, she would hit some invisible block and never seemed to be able to break through to the greater success she desired. We discovered that Vicki had grown up hearing, “We are lucky to have what we have.” That sounds like a positive message, but the unspoken, implied message was, “…so don’t ask for too much.” This was the barrier that she kept bumping into that limited her success. Vicki eliminate that barrier and got promoted when we used EFT, visualizations and coaching to eradicate her limiting belief, so she could ask for and have as much as she wanted.

Ellen’s Achievement

Ellen had an abundance of confidence in her career, but had been unable to move to the next level of financial achievement in her earnings. With the aid of EFT tapping Ellen realized that she secretly believed that she agreed with her family’s belief that money is dirty. Why would she want that? It was a huge barrier to her earning more money. EFT tapping allowed Ellen to eliminate her family’s belief and create a more optimal belief that money is a neutral exchange of energy. She then focused on what her skills were worth and successfully increased her income, while feeling good about her earning capacity.

Tran’s Loylaty

Tran was an immigrant who wanted to speak better English with less of an accent. He had lived in the US for 20 years, but his English was heavily accented and very difficult to understand. It sounded like he had just arrived in the US from Vietnam. In an unusual application of EMDR, Tran discovered that he had a great deal of unconscious loyalty to his native country that prevented him from speaking English clearly. The EMDR allowed him to see that he could still be loyal to his country and speak English clearly. He left the first session of EMDR with a surprisingly dramatic improvement in his accent.

Rachael’s Relationship

Rachael was struggling to create a happy life. She complained that her career took so much energy that she had little energy left to connect with eligible men. She wanted a happy relationship to complete her life. We discovered that while Rachael was growing up, her mother frequently told Rachael, “You’ll never amount to anything!” Rachel believed her mother, even though she didn’t want to, so she had to pour all of her energy into her career.

Rachel and I worked together to eliminate those powerful, sabotaging words using a combination of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and cognitive behavioral therapy. Rachael’s life became happier as she was able to let go of her mother’s words at a deep level. She replaced her mother’s words with a genuine belief that she already did amount to something good and that there was more coming.

Victor’s Self-Esteem

Victor, who had many years of recovery from alcoholism, was moderately successful in his career and family life. He felt stuck, however, in his effort to advance further in his career and be happier with his wife and kids. Work with EFT revealed that Victor frequently “heard” a message buried in his unconscious mind - his perfectionistic father’s voice asking, “What’s wrong with you?” As we explored this issue, Vic could never pinpoint what he had done to elicit that judgment from his father. Through EFT tapping Vic “answered” his father that nothing was wrong with him and cleared that sabotaging voice from his consciousness. We instilled positive messages with EFT to build his self-esteem and confidence.

Paul’s Self-Discovery

Paul always excelled at work and sports, but he didn’t like authority figures. As a result he often had relationship problems with the boss or the coach that got him into trouble and impeded his success. In therapy Paul discovered that he had a strong, hidden rebellious part of his personality. He feared being controlled by bosses and coaches like his authoritarian father had rigidly controlled him from the time he was a little boy. A combination of EMDR and EFT helped Paul resolve this fear, make peace with his father and allowed him to see how to constructively channel that rebellious energy.

These are just a few examples of coaching, counseling and psychotherapy that illustrate the process and techniques I use to help people release and clear limiting beliefs and trauma to move forward with a better life.

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