Stress Management to Take Tests!

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What is test anxiety?

  • Do you get so nervous before tests you can’t think?
  • Do you blank out on tests and exams?
  • Get sick or freak out?
  • Do your grades suffer because you are so nervous?

Learn to manage stress and anxiety so it does not interfere with your ability to take tests and does not wreck your grades.

Learn EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique for stress management to release anxiety, improve concentration and focus during a test. You will have improved recall of the information for the test, because your anxiety is not blocking your memory.

Use prerecorded guided imagery MP 3 for “Relaxation & Confidence" every night when you go to sleep. Effortlessly program your mind to feel confident, especially when taking tests.

Contact: Lynn Kennedy Baxter, RN, MA., Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist for coaching and therapy with Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as EFT or tapping.

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                                    Two to 4 sessions are usually sufficient to master taking a test.
Parental consent required for high school students.

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