Coaching & Psychotherapy Fees

Smile Train - My Favorite Charity

I support Smile Train charity through a portion of proceeds from my coaching and psychotherapy fees. Smile Train provides corrective surgery for children around the world who are born with cleft palate and cleft lip. Please visit to make your own donation so these children can have a life of confidence. Please do not give away products that you purchase, so the children can have the surgery they desperately need.

Coaching Fees – Private Pay

Single Session

Contact me to discuss your need and my fees.

I accept debit and credit cards for payment via my web site "Confidence Store".

***24 hour notice of cancellation of an appointment is required to avoid charges.


A package is four 50 minute coaching sessions is $440 paid in advance via credit card. This includes a FREE, 35 minute “Relaxation & Confidence“ mp3 guided imagery recording to use when you go to sleep.

All 200 minutes of coaching must be used within 6 weeks from the 1st session. Format of your choice includes:  phone, Skype, Face Time, Zoom as you prefer.

The total session time of 200 minutes can be allocated according to your preference after the initial 55 min. session.

  • For instance, the initial 55 minutes session, plus two 30 min phone calls a 45 minute session and final 60 minute session. Time for email support counts toward the total time purchased.
  • Initial session of 55 minutes, plus three more sessions of 40 min each and final session of 45 minutes. Time for email support counts toward the total time purchased.


Distance Coaching

Distance coaching is available only for Colorado or California clients, due to licensing requirements.

When coaching sessions are conducted long distance, payment for services by credit cards is required at the time of service or in advance. Sessions are conducted by appointment and scheduled by email or phone.

Insurance Reimbursement for Psychotherapy

Medical insurance does not cover coaching. You or I will need to check with your insurance carrier to confirm that they will reimburse for "telehealth", the term that covers on-line meetings.

You must have a diagnosable condition, such as anxiety or depression, in order to utilize your medical insurance. If your condition meets the DSM criteria for a diagnosable condition, then I will make a diagnosis. I will supply a fee slip at the time of service with all the necessary information, which you submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. I am not on any insurance panels.

If you have medical insurance with outpatient mental health benefits, contact your provider to see if they reimburse for "out of network provider" and ask how much of my fee they would reimburse. I do not participate in any preferred provider networks.

Long-distance coaching may not meet you needs, so if we are doing distance coaching and I conclude that you do have a diagnosable condition beyond the scope of coaching, I will assist you in getting connected to the appropriate, face to face psychotherapy services in your area.

Extended Coaching or Counseling

If you would like to put me on retainer, we can discuss the extent of services and work up a mutually agreeable contract.

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