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Relaxation and Confidence – Track 1 is the introduction to guided imagery, how it works and what to expect from using the Relaxation and Confidence guided imagery. In addition there is some information about how confidence develops in children and in adults. 20 minutes. You can listen to this track while driving, if you want.

Relaxation and Confidence – Track 2 is 35 minutes of guided imagery to listen to when you go to sleep. Listen on your computer, if you can put it by your bed. Otherwise, load the mp3 file on your Ipod or burn a CD. Listen while you go to sleep.

You will relax and drift off, while your unconscious mind continues to hear everything on the program. You will probably not remember much of the guided imagery the next morning. Listen as much as you like. Five or more times a week is ideal to get the most out of the program. It is subtle in improving your confidence. You won’t wake up being superman/woman (unfortunatelyJ). DO NOT USE WHILE DRIVING.

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